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This boy is an absolute breath of fresh air

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your own child engrossed in his play. And I mean full on don't give a shit what others think or say type of play.

In my small city, boys are boys and girls are girls. Which is fine. But don't you just love that one child that mixes it up a bit - the child that bounces into the room, puts on the princess dress and explores the space he has to play in.

Watching him understand the roles around him, showing that he has taken note of people, people's jobs, people's attitudes, people's language, people's lives - he's absorbed every aspect and replays it all in front of you.

I absolutely love knowing he can brush hair, be gentle with the hair styling and care for his client. And then jump into his High Vis Jacket to lift heavy bricks, bang in the nails and ask Joe if he needs a cuppa tea.

This boy is an absolute breath of fresh air. This Boy is showing such a complex understanding of the world around him for all people. He sees past the girl vs boy. He isn't conforming to his stereotype completely because he does it all in his beautiful dress. He challenges the ideals that us adults have been brought up in, that we are consumed by and he shows us exactly how it can be done.

And in that moment - this little boy is unashamedly himself.

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