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Drag Kids

Drag and Kids - I'm not entirely sure my opinion on this subject yet.

As a mother of a boy, I fully support his exploration of expression through costume and make up. I've watched him love nothing more than be Elsa for a day or Princess Belle with a huge ballgown and even a child's wig. I've watched his obsession with David Bowies Ziggy Stardust and enjoy having symbol facepaint on his face, so that he could channel his inner Bowie. I've watched us love nothing more than cover ourselves in glitter and wear fun outfits to festivals and pride events, because we are creative people and enjoy dressing up.

So where is the line between drag and dress up? Or is there even a line? Is dress up just drag for all?

As many, I enjoy Ru Paul's drag race and eagerly await the costumes, the fabulousness of the tasks and the fun of the characters that these men create. I am a creative theatrical person myself and so I see Drag as a living work of art, exploring taboos, themes and challenging stereotypes and gender to an extreme. I don't find it offensive, I find it a fun and liberating form of expression. Yet I also see that this is Men.....adults who have explored and created their art, become their character and ultimately an artist of his caricature.

So why would I feel shocked to see a child of age 11 learning this craft, exploring this art and practising their own artistic creativity of expression?

I admire the parents, because as much as my son can express himself.....i would worry so much for how society would perceive my 11 year old to dress in full drag and perform as their ultimate Diva.

Tonight is the launch of Drag Kids on 5Star UK at 9pm. It follows some families who have boys who do enjoy drag and do perform drag acts. I shall be watching and learning more. I think that's my biggest criticism: I can't form a valid opinion because I don't know enough about Drag, the culture, the history or the children taking part. I want to know more, I want to know why I question 'if I think a child should be able to perform drag'

What I do love most : the parents who have supported their child regardless! Here is an image of @VioletVixen, who is featured in the TV show. And look at his happiness! Look at how proud his dad is! Look at his page and see how amazing his family have been in supporting him to be himself. That family really do say MY BOY CAN and to me that inspires me.

📷: taken from Violet Vixen Facebook page

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