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We initially started our Facebook page because we had faced in our community negativity towards our sons who were pre-school aged and wanted to learn ballet. Our 4 year olds were told that ballet is for girls and boys don’t do ballet by adults and children within our community. I became very concerned by this behaviour, I thought we had moved on from the stereotypes being so enforced onto our children. Yet the reality was, it hadn’t changed much at all.


We live in a world where feminism has empowered women to strive to be who they want to be, achieve what they want, wear what you want without gender stereotype and explore the world until they find their place within it. Yet when we see a boy wear pink princess wellingtons or sport a princess dress at a fancy dress party or see a boy pick ballet over football- instead of empowering our boys to be who they want to be, like we do with our superhero loving girls; people shame our boys into thinking they shouldn’t be doing that. That it is wrong.

I believe this needs to change. I believe boys can be boys and play with dolls. I believe them being allowed to explore role play and dress up as a child at a young age encourages them to learn different skill sets, learn empathy, learn nurture, learn different roles within society. I believe that by encouraging boys to be themselves and have their own voice and choice on what they enjoy, supporting their interests regardless of stereotypes, will empower them to feel confident in themselves and their loved ones around them. I believe their happiness and self esteem will help them to develop into positive young men able to express themselves effectively and help them make stronger relationships with other people. Above all I believe they will still be male.


S Harvey

Let's stop saying my boy can't or shouldn't do something because he is a boy and start saying MY BOY CAN

Our Mission

MY BOY CAN is a project to raise awareness and support for our sons who are often misunderstood by the social constraints of Male Gender.

To encourage diversity and inclusion within our society, to stop saying a boy can't or shouldn't do something because he is a boy and start saying My Boy Can.

To celebrate and support families who are bold enough to challenge stereotypes by saying My Boy Can dress up as princesses, enjoy learning ballet and play with dolls.

In a world where females are empowered and encouraged to be who they want to be; its time our boys had the same Gender Equality and social attitudes and behaviors changed towards boys, so they too can feel empowered instead of feeling shamed.

Lets start saying MY BOY CAN and show our boys the positivity they need to be themselves, male and proud.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To promote positive male gender; through challenging the confining stereotypes of gender and asking our society to look to stop saying a boy can't or shouldn't do something because he is a boy and start saying MY BOY CAN 


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