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I wish I was braver

I wish I was braver sometimes. I wish I had the strength to tell others to butt out of how I'm raising my son, to let him be himself and not feel the need to comment.

I wish I lived in a town that didn't make me feel like I have to justify my sons choices to wear a superhero Cape with a tutu. Where I didn't fear the judgement or the looks of others, for allowing my child to feel that he can express himself anyway he feels.

I wish I didn't have to constantly tell old Doris that it's perfectly fine that my son pushes his doll around, because I believe this will make him a good father when he's older. That it doesn't matter if Joe next door sees him with his tutu on and pushchair out - he can be himself.

I wish people didn't tell me that Playtime needs to stop and he needs to be a boy again, when he is seen in his nail varnish that he so carefully enjoyed selecting and painted on his own fingers. That my son loved the freedom to express his own self through colour, but for some that was just a step too far.

I wish I didn't feel like I'm constantly fighting a corner for my son to just be who he wants to be, without the restrictions of his gender stereotype constantly being the line that he's being told he shouldn't cross. Why not Doris? Why can't he explore the other side and still be a boy? Why does he have to conform, why can't he explore his imagination and creativity across genres like make up, dress up and dolls?

I wish for my son to be happy, to know he is supported to be whoever he wants to be. I wish him to explore, be imaginative, be creative, be courageous and to believe he can.

I wish I was braver sometimes and realise that the world will catch up in the change of the times. I wish I was stronger to see, the judgements of others do not matter and to smile at the little boy sat in his Superhero Cape and Tutu. For he is changing the world. 💚

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