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The lad looked up at his dad and said "Dad, can I get this t shirt?"

I was shopping in Primark at the weekend and I witnessed a boy of about 11 or 12 years standing looking at the tshirts in the "girls section" and specifically at the Arianna Grande tshirts. I mean to you and I, these t shirts can be for anyone... But they are positioned in with the girls clothes, so automatically is assumed they are for girls.

I watched as his dad came over. A real man's man type came over and asked his lad what he was doing.

I froze, because I was convinced this was going to be a prime example of when boys are told they can't have something because it is for girls. I eagerly awaited to see how this would be handled and what I could learn from it, to report to you.

The dad looked at the t shirt and then looked at his son and said "If you want it mate, it's yours"

And with that, the young guy picked up the t shirt smiling and off they went.

It surprised me. I was so used to hearing "No" or 'this is a girls tshirt' in my hometown, that I wasn't expecting to hear yes. But it made me smile and I had to share with you.

What a lovely message to read this weekend from one of our followers. Its so good when we hear of the stories that show our boys really can be themselves and wear what they want without stereotyping.

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