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MY BOY CAN play with dolls and guess what he's still male!?!

Why are we so scared of our boys playing with dolls?

Barbie - Dolls are just toys! What do they teach? Well in my house, they teach my son how to dress and undress with acute hand coordination, they teach role play and story telling as they recreate scenes from the world around them and stories that he knows and explores, they teach a whole new level of creativity when we build and construct houses and cars and food out of materials around the home for the dolls, they teach empathy and care as he looks after and nurtures his dolls, they build confidence in him because they are familiar and his interest, meaning he uses them to communicate with others. And most of all they encourage him to have Happy play.

When my son was 2 he kept telling me he wanted barbies. I assumed it was just because his cousin had them and he played with hers. So because of others comments, I didn't get him any. When he was 3, for Xmas he asked for a set of Disney princess dolls. Very specific - he wanted his own set of barbie dolls of the princesses. And that was his present from santa. A set of 6 barbie dolls.

Why am I wrong to allow my child to have such a present? Why is it so frowned upon for a boy to play with dolls?

Since then we have collected a few more, we have prince's, bad guys, Superheroes, more barbies and now our new hobby has been to make costumes for them.

Creativity is so important in children's lives and if this is my sons outlet for his creativity then 🙌 I will allow him to explore it full force.

MY BOY CAN play with dolls and guess what he's still male!?!

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