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**Elsa on boys clothes please**

Why can't we find any boys clothes with Elsa on in our stores?

So Elsa is a huge part of our household, from the film, to the soundtrack, to the elsa doll, to the costume - and with Frozen 2 about to come out, I know the new wave of Elsa fandom is about to hit again.

What annoys me most with Frozen especially when it was at its height of being the most popular film worldwide - has been the lack of boys clothing featuring Elsa on. Surely they can have some printed tops without as much Sparkle or frills on, that would be deemed more socially boyish.

I know at My Boy Can we think if a child wears a top that they like, they can: whether tailored for a boy or girl. However do you not think sometimes, it would be so much easier if some of the popular female characters cross over to the boys market. Sometimes socially we have to take baby steps to change to a norm.... So why not start with letting boys have characters like Elsa on their clothes?

I see Super heroes all the time been transformed into a girlier version or dress- so why not make Elsa in to a shirt or t shirt that our boys can wear?, and not feel that they've taken it from a girls section of the store?

Anyone else experienced something similar to this??

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