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"I like girls toys"

Positivity really does empower our sons to be themselves

Today while enjoying the sunshine at a public splash park, my son happily played with his barbies as they splashed and had swimming adventures all together.

No one around him seemed to care, children liked to discuss which characters he had, parents were just seeing a child playing nicely with his toys and my son was completely lost in the fun of the moment without a care in the world.

And then I hear it "why you playing with barbies for, you're not a girl".

My initial reaction to this was frustration, Im so used to this now that it doesn't shock me. It just frustrates me that the world is so comsumed by the stereotypes and I worry the impact this will have on my son. My first reaction was to post it on the my boy can group with a negative moan.

Do you know how my son reacted, by saying matter of factly "I like girls toys" and that was that. He was happy, the child realised it hadn't upset him and accepted my sons answer.

Sometimes you have to sit back and just watch how the next generation interpret and react to situations. It made me proud that my son felt confident enough in himself and his own choices of what he likes, to discuss it and not feel intimidated. It showed me that my role as his parent was to continue to be honest in our conversations of his toys and the outside worlds views AND Continue to let him know I don't mind, I love him and hope this will help him feel confident in his choices.

By simply being positive within my sons world by saying My Boy Can like Barbies - was enough for him. He doesn't feel he can't and therefore he is empowered.

Often as adults we are too quick to get frustrated by the comments we hear. We don't see the good work we are already doing. Keep being the supportive parents to these young boys, they can face anything when they know you love them for exactly who they are.

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