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Halloween is such an amazing time of year, when you can dress up as anything - take to the streets in your costume and no one will turn a blind eye.

It's always been the one time of year that my son doesn't worry about who's looking and he will boldly wear his costume with pride.

Tonight we descended the streets for trick or treating as a group of witches. The costume was hand chosen by my son in a charity shop, about 10 sizes too big, but he just didn't care. Added lots of accessories with a broom, a hat and of course the green face make up. For him, Halloween meant he could do everything he enjoys doing, without a single care or thought about anyone else in the world. Because today everyone is wearing wigs, make up, costumes and masks.

We saw pumpkins, clowns, ghosts, skeletons, Superheroes, princesses, scary faces, fortnite characters.... All a mixture of boys and girls: all enjoying the creativity to dress up and all with massive smiles on their faces.

It felt good that in that moment, our entire hometown agreed dressing up was cool and inclusive of everyone, no matter who you are. No focus on gender, no teasing for wearing make up, no judgement made if you're in a long dress - just a city of kids and their parents all being creative to celebrate Halloween.

What costumes did you all choose for Halloween?

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