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Can boys wear nail varnish?

So what is it about nail varnish on a boys nails that freaks people out?

Why do so many get annoyed when they see their sons with painted finger nails?

Is it the bold colours? The glitter? The fact that it's seen as a form of make up? Is it just for girls?

Is it not a safe and fun expression of creativity to have some fun coloured nails?

I knew lots of teenage boys growing up, who wore nail varnish as it was fashionable in the grunge era. I also know lots of boys with sisters, that enjoy sharing in the pampering fun of having nails done - and parents allow it, as a great bonding session for their children. But when your son just asks to join in the nail varnish fun, it is deemed inappropriate to his gender to allow him to have them painted.


Just because he wants his nails painted, it doesn't mean he thinks he is a girl. It doesn't mean it determines his sexuality. It doesn't mean he is confused. Often it's because it's fun, it's a colourful expression and is just nails being painted. Just like face painting being exciting and fun - nail varnish is just the same.

And yet it's seen as too "girly", too feminine, NOT for boys to do. A definate they shouldn't do this. And we are asking why?

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