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We can all co-exist with different points of view

As part of this page, we believe it is very important to raise discussions and listen to each others opinions.

We can disagree. You can have a completely different point of view to me. You may even open my eyes to a different point of view and make me think harder on my views. However we will challenge your point of view, if we feel it oppresses someone or denies them their own right to be themselves.

We encourage us all to have discussions, yet we will not tolerate threatening or offensive behaviour. As previously reported we will ban anyone who threatens others on this page.

If you don't agree with the views expressed on this page - don't follow it. If you feel passionate enough that you'd like to raise your point of view... Then please do join the discussion and let's discuss the why and the reasons.

as long as we respect each other. We do not need to oppress difference.

With all pages that asks for a change to the way society thinks or acts - there will always be people who don't believe we need to or should. To make any change we have to understand both sides and learn what it is that makes people uncomfortable and why they worry about the change.

MY BOY CAN is respectful of all, however our voice is raising awareness for the boys and men who are oppressed within society to become a conformed stereotypical male gender identity. Many boys and men do naturally conform to the stereotype and we don't discourage this. However we are looking for there to be a shift in attitudes towards Boys who challenge the stereotype and enjoy activities that are currently deemed as for girls.

MY BOY CAN believes all activities can be for male and female. We believe nothing should be conformed to one gender. We are all capable, we should all have access to all and we can all enjoy things that are deemed for the opposite gender.

In a world that helps to raise awareness and support for women to be able to be anything and do anything.... Our sons still don't have that support. Because if we see a boy in a dress or a boy chooses ballet over football- there is still such a negativity and stigma attached.

We are encouraging people to stop saying My Boy can't or shouldn't do something and start saying MY Boy Can. MY BOY CAN will listen to your opinions, we will encourage debate, YET above all we expect respect by everyone on this page.

📷: Unknown source. Taken from another Facebook Post.

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